Finding my ruby slippers


I always associated Dorothy’s ruby slippers as a symbol for inner strength, confidence, determination, and well… balls.  You know – the kind of ‘go anywhere you desire and achieve all you can’ type of power that feels pretty amazing (but can also occasionally disappear without warning)?

I also think they’re about the journey – learning, trying new things, experiencing highs and lows and stepping out of your comfort zone. The one we go on just to find out that we already had what we were searching for (or to quote Glinda, “You had the power all along, my dear”). Be it confidence, commitment, willpower or even just a kick-ass attitude!

Sometimes it’s tough.  The times when my own ‘ruby slippers’ have disappeared are usually those times I don’t think I deserve to wear them.  When self-doubt rears its head: “Click my heels – are you crazy?  I could never do that, what if I fail?!”

But then there are times when it’s easy! When you know you can do it, when you’re certain about things, when you tap into that inner strength and just get on with it. These are the times when my ruby slippers (cleverly disguised as ordinary shoes) are a comfortable fit, and I’m having a glass-half-full, rose-coloured-glasses kind of day.

So why the blog? And why some reference to a chick from Kansas and her shiny footwear?  I guess it’s a way of taking a step toward moving outside my comfort zone. Of being accountable to myself, and also a way of thinking things through*.

On some occasions my ruby slippers will go missing, other times I’ll no doubt deliberately shove them to the back of the (virtual) wardrobe just to have an excuse not to succeed at things. Other times, hopefully more often than not, I will find them when most needed – in the shape of ruby pumps, ruby heels, or even some fabulous ruby sneakers to click three times and help me along the way.

*promise to self: do not start future posts with ‘Dear Diary’.


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