How long do you boil an egg for?

Yes, this was a question I asked a friend at work.

Yes, I closed the office door.

Yes, we (she) laughed.

This lady is my ‘go-to-gal’ for all things cooking, and I am so grateful for her advice. Pre-12WBT my partner did all the cooking (and grocery shopping, bless him), but in line with changing habits I’ve donned the imaginary apron, rolled up the sleeves and attacked my new challenge with gusto.

We’ve had some ‘interesting’ meals along the way (undercooked pumpkin, chickpea and overcooked chicken Korma anyone?), but the successes are slowly overtaking the non-edibles. I may or may not also have more photos of food on my phone than anything else. Seriously.

Can anyone say ‘slightly chuffed’?


Anyway, back to the egg boiling.  My eggs were undercooked. Certainly not worthy of dipping those made-to-perfection-toast-soldiers in.  Turns out 4 minutes for soft-boiled is right on track but apparently I needed to have the eggs at room temperature before adding to the boiling water (of course! How obvious!).

At this stage in our lessons I would normally be scribbling furiously, “aha aha, room temperature, got it!”, but pride got in the way and I just memorised the conversation, said my thanks, and then made notes when I was safely back in the privacy of my own office.

I swear there needs to be a cookbook designed just for people like me.

Methods and prep terms that are obvious to many have me scratching my head, for example:

‘Reduce the liquid’ – Do I tip half of it out?  Do I drain the watery bits?

‘Take care not to split the sauce – O…Kay….Had no idea, so just spent the next 20 minutes in a staring competition with my curry. I won (it tasted yum!).

 ‘Chop the spring onion into 5cm lengths’ – Umm…which bits? The white part, the green part, all of it?

‘Toast the pinenuts’ * – Draws a blank. Asks Uncle Google.

I am kinda proud that I’m learning so much. I love applying my new-found skills, and even baked recently for the first time in about 10 years (I made muffins! Me!!).

Yes, I started out a bit ‘challenged’ in this area, and never aspire to be up there with the best of them, but have also learnt that a good sense of humour goes a long way. Go-to-gal and I have a regular giggle about some of my attempts, and she’s also the first person I share my successes with.

So while others are posting about their weight loss achievements, mindset wins and killer DOMS, I can now proudly say:


* Used oven method and burnt the first batch.  Since the staring competition was so successful previously, used this method for the 2nd batch and they turned out OK.

3 thoughts on “How long do you boil an egg for?

  1. Yay for you! Keep an eye out for the ‘common sense cookery book’. It has all the basics including how to boil an egg. Good luck!

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