Do ALL the things!

I’ll just say up front that I love Allie Brosh. I’ve spent countless hours being entertained by her wonderfully weird sense of humour, and being inspired by her honesty and openness.  Like many followers / fellow admirers of Allie, I still regularly stalk check in on Hyperbole and a Half hoping for an update or news on how she is.

The internet meme inspired by one of Allie’s blog posts reminded me somewhat of my own lead-up to this round of 12WBT and the reality that came after…


Yep, that was me a week ago. Determined to be hyper-organised, to rise and shine with a bounce, and to attack my 2nd round of 12WBT with gusto and give 100%.

In my first round I mainly stuck to the treadmill and the ‘at home’ exercises.  I averaged 4-5 days a week (up until I injured myself), but didn’t really try new things or get involved in group activities and gym classes.

This round, things would be different!

I ordered Mish’s DVDs online, bought new workout gear, visited the forums to get some tips / inspiration, and even set up a special alarm on my iPhone.

I was ready…


…and speaking of forums, I was also determined to become more involved this round. I admit, I was a bit of a lurker last round. I really did want to reply to others and become involved, but confidence got the better of me (what could I offer?).

Nearing the end of the round I was still a Newbie so posted a few things just to make it up to Member status – mainly helping with technical questions (updating tracker, finding the snack list, updating tracker…that kind of thing).

So in an effort to step out of my comfort zone, this was going to change as well…


I was pretty good at following the nutrition plans, and sticking to my 1200 calories. I love the meals, and even got a kick out of shopping for groceries each week. My trolley looked so healthy! (I secretly hoped fellow shoppers would notice, and we’d give each other a subtle nod at how nutritious we were being).

I would try different things, and not just stick to my regular, tried-and-tested favourite breakfasts…

Make ALL the Recipes!

So here we are…..

The end of week one.

Here is where I’m meant to write that all of the above has happened.

The reality is that ‘ALL the things!’ I had planned kinda fell by the wayside.

The DVDs are unopened, my new shorts still have their tag on them, and I’ve not eaten a 12WBT meal in the last 2 days (excluding breakfast).  I have increased my forum visits and postings, and guess this is a work in progress.  (Maybe that’s why I’ve started this blog – baby steps).

I think some of it was the ‘almost-at-goal-weight’ thing creeping in. People are starting to notice and comment, and somehow it feels OK to take the foot off the accelerator.

Stupid subconscious mind.

Having said that though, my main (big, huge) mistake was definitely the ‘all or nothing’ approach.

do all the things?

Talk about pressure / high expectations for the first week!

I never did that in my last round – I just got on with it.

No bells, no whistles, and certainly no ‘I-will-follow-this-100%-and-get-it-right-from-day-one-or-else!’ mindset.

Last round I followed the program as best I could. I aimed to be consistent, and also to be realistic. Sure there were some wobbly moments along the way – I procrastinated at times and could have done things differently, but just doing the program was a huge change in itself and I was happy with my progress. I was also happy with my health and fitness steadily improving. I even reduced my 1km time trial by 1:34 and advanced to push ups on my toes!  Plus, let’s face it – 4 days of exercise per week is pretty darned good for someone who started at a dismal place (ie lots of hand-to-face repetitions and lazing on the couch). Mainly though, I was happy with how my habits were gradually changing and becoming…well…different / better habits.

I know there are people who do follow the exercise and nutrition plans to the letter, and who are also achieving fantastic things (and I am in awe of you). I also know there are others like me who may struggle at times, and who may doubt themselves or take two steps backward before they can eventually move forward. There is some comfort in that (rightly or wrongly), and hey, it does help to know we’re not alone, right?

So for me, it’s another lesson learnt.

It’s back to ‘consistency is the key’ and not ‘all the things!’.

Back to accepting there will be slip ups, and to learning from them and working on them.  It’s back to flexing my willpower muscle and doing the program as best I can, and also to not expecting to get it right immediately and all the time.

Week 2 is the perfect place to (re)start.

All images owned by Allie Brosh (text and colour edited).

8 thoughts on “Do ALL the things!

  1. Phew! So good to hear there’s someone like me out there.
    I hope this week is just a tiny bit better than last week for you.
    That’s my goal – be better than the week before, always 🙂

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  3. Love this post! A guy smiled at me after looking at my trolley contents in the supermarket last night, I was hoping it was a secret exchange of healthy minded camaraderie but alas I fear he may have just been a creep 😀

    • Haha, love it! So true though. Last time anyone did check out mine was after I grabbed the last pack of blueberries (pretty sure I didn’t imagine the ‘I-will-steal-those-when-you-turn-away’ glint in their eyes). One day we will get the secret exchange, one day. 🙂

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