12WBT Inspiration Board

Inspiration, eh? 

Perfect timing really, as it’s a great excuse to revisit my goals (especially in light of last week’s efforts, or lack thereof). 

While I’ve never put an inspiration board together before, I actually enjoyed this week’s challenge more than I thought I would.


Conquer it

The little guy that looks so determined to get his cheese was actually an image I had on my notice board at work a few years back. He reminded me to never give up, and to never lose sight of what I was trying to achieve. Plus, he’s pretty cute.  I currently have a few reasons for digging him back out again now (more on that maybe at another time), but the one that I’ll share here applies to the comfort zone (the fear, oh the fear!).

It’s called a comfort zone for a reason – all cosy, warm and familiar. It helps to make sure I don’t look silly or embarrass myself, and it helps to ward off failure. 

It also stops me trying new things, making new friends, becoming more involved or pushing myself.

So this one was a top-of-the-list goal for me, and my little helmet-wearing, cheese-stalking friend is who I will again look to for inspiration.

He didn’t let me down last time.

Achieve it

This one was easy. I want to be fit, and more specifically I want to run.  Without stopping to catch my breath every few minutes would be great, but  ideally I’d love to run 5km by week eight (eep!). 

So, running lady with your stretchy pants – do your best.

Live it

I love this little mantra – it really does help me see what I want for the long-term.  It’s about a permanent lifestyle change and not just a 12 week program.

So…here’s to living (and loving) the clean, mean and lean lifestyle!

Master it

I considered ‘Improve it’ for this cooking-related goal – I’m already making progress and improving each day.  I also considered ‘Accept it’. As in ‘accept that you are a bit crap at cooking and just stick with the easy stuff’.

Then I realised that I am starting to really enjoy learning about techniques, methods and wot-not (technical cooking term, trust me) and love the meals I am producing each week – failures and all.  

More on the failures here.

Maybe I will never master it all, but I’m determined to give it a red-hot-go.

Believe it

What’s an inspiration board without my trusty ruby slippers?  This one also ties into the little determined mouse, and when self-doubt rears its head (“click my heels – are you crazy?  I could never do that, what if I fail?!”), it’s a reminder to believe in myself. 

Enjoy it

I love music, and I love to play guitar and ukulele.  I’m inspired by music, and by people who play / sing / have any talent whatsoever. 

Let’s just say I’ve lost my music mojo and haven’t played in a long time (around the time of the weight gain…coincidence?).  I want to enjoy this again – there really is no better feeling – and to find time to also enjoy the other things in life that make me happy.

Do It

Simple really.  Don’t quit.  Easier than it sounds?  I guess we’ll see…


4 thoughts on “12WBT Inspiration Board

  1. That’s great! I haven’t attempted the inspiration board challenge. I’m a bit technically challenged and I thought it would be too hard.
    Your board is an inspiration in its own right!
    Here’s to reaching all your goals 🙂 Good luck!

    • Thanks, M – it helped to get everything down, and it’s already kinda working (meeting some of the local crew soon for a bit of exercise – eep!). Here’s to you reaching yours as well 🙂

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