Ding dong! The Witch is dead

Which old Witch?

In this case it’s that wicked, annoying inner voice.  The one cackling, “Eat it, my pretty!”, and waving the magic wand of temptation.

The evil enchantress!

The Witch usually appears when I’m bored (apparently snacking and mindless activity / bouts of laziness go hand in hand).

Other times the Witch shows up during dinner with friends or events at work, and I find myself tucking into rich, heavy or fried food.  Or things I don’t even particularly want or like. Just…you know…to be all sociable and stuff.

But here’s the thing…

This time of year is typically overrun with red flags – lunches, dinners, work functions, more lunches, and quite a bit of um…’Christmas cheer’ (‘tis the season, after all).

Throughout it all I’ve eaten well and enjoyed a wine (or several).

In hindsight, noticeably absent from it all was that wicked little voice pointing out things like salty snacks, hot chips, pizza, cream-based pasta and pork belly.

In hindsight, the Witch wasn’t there – and in fact seemed to disappear at some point during the last few weeks.

There was no flattened-by-house incident big fuss or light bulb moment, it just happened.

So what’s changed?

At first I put it down to having awesome self-control, like this guy:

Self Control

But then I realised that I only wrote about self-control just to have a reason to include the picture.

My logical, must-find-a-reason-for-most-things brain tells me that it’s not actually about self-control.  I am still working on the whole addicted-to-nicotine thing, after all.  So it can’t be that.

It might possibly be something a bit better…

There’s a chance I’ve had a mindset change (I’ve gotta be honest – it snuck up on me), and that I am now making deliberate (and at times subconscious) choices about food:

  • I now want the pumpkin, rocket and coriander salad over the hot chips (if there was such a thing as a crush on a herb, coriander would be it. And basil – that stuff rocks too).
  • I now want the porterhouse steak, pepper sauce (on the side of course) and steamed broccolini.
  • I now want the Ensalada with Cajun prawns (again with the wondrous herb that is coriander).
  • I can now order the all-day breakfast for lunch and just eat the poached eggs, tomato and mushrooms.
  • I now have no problem saving my snack calories for a shared bottle of wine with a friend.
  • I also now have no problem with the occasional ‘treat’. It just has to be the good stuff – ie flaky, smelly, mature (gloriously addictive) cheese or a piece of orange-flavoured dark chocolate.

It’s by no means perfect, and there will still be times featuring less-than-ideal choices.

Example:  Mixed in with the timeline of my whole check-out-how-good-I’ve-been post, was also the I-skipped-lunch-therefore-could-murder-a-slice-of-quiche experience.  It was either that, pizza or sausage rolls at a work thingy.

And I’m OK with that – it was actual hunger, I was unprepared and I’ll know better next time.

Maybe I’m being a bit premature with the whole ‘Ding dong!’ announcement.  The Witch could just be taking some time off, or hiding / lulling me into a false sense of security.

It does feel like a mindset shift though.

So for now I’m happy to take it as one.

Note to inner voice: if this turns out to be like that whole ‘Who Shot JR?’ fiasco, I’ll be very annoyed (a dream sequence, seriously?).

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