Procrastination’s little helper

It all started out innocently enough.

A few weeks ago a group of friends on Facebook started posting the occasional self-created cartoons.  (Using the Bitstrips website or app you can create your own avatar and interact with friends who also have one).

It looked like fun!  I also thought I could use it to create a new 12WBT profile picture and  maybe couple of images for this blog.  Maybe.  Just toying with the idea, you know?

Fast forward to last night, where I had quite a bit of present wrapping / organising / actual work to do:

“I’ll just do this avatar, and then wrap some presents.”


“Hmm…close, but I need ruby sneakers.  And smaller boobs. And maybe pants that aren’t quite so blue.”


“Much better.  Apart from the boobs.”

(It was this or a flat chest.  I went with the ego-boosting option)

“OK, great. All done.  Now onto those presents.

Or maybe I’ll just do one more.”


“Awesome – you can also create avatars for other people, and put them in scenes and stuff!! “


(Just have to mention here how close the likeness is for ‘other half’. I’m also sure he’s just thrilled to have been made into a cartoon)

 “Oh, and there’s outfits and background scenery and things you can make yourself do!”


So here we are… Christmas Eve.

Presents not wrapped, packing for our trip away not started, and things not done.


But on the upside, I now have a new 12WBT profile picture.

And this…

Merry Christmas

Happy holidays everyone!

5 thoughts on “Procrastination’s little helper

    • Beware – the cartoons are very addictive! Haha. Thanks Carol – you know I think your blog is fabbo as well. Really appreciate you dropping by, and happy New Year to you as well. 🙂

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