Out with resolutions, in with achievable goals

I’ve never really been one for setting New Year’s resolutions.


I know that some people do really well with this as each new year rolls around – it works for them. 

For others though, it can be a bit like a ‘to do’ list for the first week of January – especially when they’re set spur-of-the-moment and under the influence of a few December 31 drinks.  

So for me this year it’s out with the resolutions and in with the planned, continued approach.

One thing I’m gradually becoming better at is goal setting. Work-wise, this is no problem – planning and setting milestones is easy when there is a clear goal and deadline in sight (after a slight bout of procrastination, or course).

Personally though, I’ve always found this challenging:

What do I want?  Where do I want to be? Can’t I just go with the flow and see what happens?

But in the spirit of personal growth and stuff, I’m jumping on the goal-setting bandwagon.

Instead of the stock-standard resolutions this year, the plan is to revisit and continue on with my initial goals and set new, health / fitness-based ones. 

They’re still a work in progress, but so far the new ones include:

January – run / walk 100km over the course of the month

February – 1000 squat challenge, finish Couch25K program

March – enter Harcourts Women’s 5km Footrace, complete Parkrun in under 34 minutes

April – non-smoker for three months, BMI 22.0

May – run / walk 10km at least twice

June – enter B&E Launceston 10 (10km run)

So there it is. A bit of a plan.

We’ve just returned from several days’ camping, where relaxation and family time was on the cards.  No phone signal or internet, no TV, no electricity.  About as back-to-basic as it gets, and it was fantastic.

Exercise involved walks on the beach (dog in tow), so my January 100km run/walk challenge starts tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to getting back into it, accompanied by new Garmin sports watch / heart rate monitor (early Christmas present – I think I’m in love). 

So here’s to a New Year, and new goals. 

I hope your 2013 turns out to be a great one.

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