Week 8 update

We’re currently in Week 8 of the Michelle Bridges 12WBT, which means time to measure-up and complete our fitness test.  My fitness test is planned for Saturday, where I’m hoping to improve on the 1km time trial result of 6:36 and *finally* get past level 3 for abdominal strength (where I’ve been sitting since week 8 of the last round).

Push-ups and sit-and-reach results are both good.  The wall sit…well, there’s definitely room for improvement.

The measure-up should be OK. I’ve been focusing on fitness this round so not expecting huge results (but am happy to be surprised).

In other news this week:

Setting goals really does work (I know, right!?).

The combination of goals and my lovely new Garmin Forerunner have led to a pretty intensive fitness week, closely followed by pretty intensive muscle soreness and bouts of sleeping / bed rest.  Yawning by 8pm, clock-watching until an ‘acceptable’ time, then heading to bed ready to start it all again the next day.

But surprisingly, it’s starting to feel (almost) enjoyable.

So far the dog and I have walked / run almost 30kms, so we’re on track to achieve 100kms by end-January.

Wearing and checking your new sports watch can become an obsession

I admit to wearing my Garmin all day following a 9am Parkrun.  I only *actually* needed it for less than 40 minutes, but it has stats, and a timer, and your results, and connects to satellites, and…other stuff that just seemed important!  Plus, it’s so pretty…


After a couple of weeks of similar behaviour (and a watch-shaped tan line starting to form), I finally realised there may have been a slight problem when I considered wearing it to meet a friend for coffee.  Just to see how far it was, and maybe my pace…

*backs away from the watch*

It’s now charging.

Running is more fun with a four-legged companion

Apart from doing Parkrun on Saturdays, most of my running in previous weeks has been on the treadmill.  This week I ventured outdoors, joined by the dog.

I’m up to Week 5 of the Couch 2 5K program.   I should be further along, but I’ve had to re-start a few times due to his stops / starts / sniffs and greeting other dogs (hence the sniffs).  Then comes the playing. Then the drink breaks.

There’s also the constant checking of ‘P-mail’, but he’s learning quickly and getting better at waiting for our walk breaks.

I may not be as far along in the program as I’d hoped to be, but my fitness is still improving and we’re both really enjoying it.

A good quality pair of bathers won’t expand in water

My last experience buying bathers was on holiday in Fiji many years ago.  There was snorkelling planned, and I didn’t own any so headed off to Nadi to go shopping.

The first inkling that all was not well should have been the prices.  Talk about a bargain!

But the salesgirl was so keen and lovely, and there were hardly any customers in the store (another sign in hindsight), so I made my very first two-piece-costume purchase and was all prepared for a lovely day at the beach.

With a boat full of tourists.

All with snorkels and goggles.

Who knew that some fabrics are obviously not designed to hold their shape when exposed to water?  In this case, my bargain bikini went all loose and ‘expandy’ within 5 minutes of being fully submerged.


At least the beach was nice.  And turns out I can use both hands to cover / pull up / gather and rearrange fabric while simultaneously sprinting out of the water and into a towel.  It’s a skill I never knew I had (and now I do, so there’s the clutching-at-straws silver lining).

Anyway…fast forward to today.  I ventured into a sports store and actually bought a great bathing suit.  Sporty, two piece (but with one of those long tops so that it looks one-piece), really comfy, and (all-importantly) stays in shape when wet.

Sure, it was the first one the salesperson suggested (and I was determined to get out of there as quickly as possible), but maybe karma was keeping an eye on me (after it had finished laughing) and helped out.

Oh, and speaking of which…

AquaFit classes are fantastic!

The reason for the bravery purchase was to try out a fitness class at the local Aquatic Centre.  Around 45 minutes of exercise, and so much fun.  I only did it earlier tonight but can already feel it in my legs, abs and arms, and will definitely go again.


So overall a pretty good week so far, and with only four more weeks remaining of the 12WBT after this, I figure I might as well give it a final blast.

I’m also doing Parkrun again this Saturday, where I hope to run for longer (4kms last try – albeit very slowly).  If not, that’s OK – this ‘fitness thing’ is hopefully for the long term, so there’s plenty of time for that.

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