“Are we there yet?”

I haven’t checked this out with my parents, but have always had an inkling that growing up, I may have been ‘that kid’.

The one impatiently asking at every turn whether we’re getting close to our destination, then asking again 20 minutes later (and on repeat: broken-record style for the duration of the journey).  Keen for the beach / shack / whatever adventure was in store that particular day.

Why have I thought this?

  • I’m the hobby gardener who buys established plants, not seedlings.  The gardener who checks daily hoping for immediate growth, and is then disappointed to discover that plants take their own sweet time and are ready in frustratingly slow due course.  (I haven’t pulled out a ruler yet to check progress, but let’s just say my tomatoes will be getting a ‘needs improvement’ rating on their performance reviews this year).
Totato Plants

Grow, my pretties! Grow! Grow!

  • I’m the shopper who likes to conduct transactions quickly.  The faster the better.  In fact, I generally try on the 1st thing recommended (eg the bathers from my last post), and if it fits / looks semi-OK , I’m outta there.
  • I’m the ‘beginner guitar player’ who wants to learn ALL the chords and play ALL the songs as soon as possible, thank you very much. (Tip:  small pieces of cardboard stuck to fingertips with Band-Aids can temporarily ease pain from blisters and bleeding fingers).
  • I’m also the Garmin-clad ‘wannabe runner’ who does parkrun and the Couch 2 5K program, keeps a record of results, and *needs* to improve each time.

I always thought it was impatience when it came to certain things (and in some ways it probably is).

This week however, an acquaintance pointed out that I am ‘results driven and outcome focussed’. The comment was made in relation to work (I’m looking for a new job at the moment) and his suggestion was to only consider roles / organisations that could provide this.

Sensible advice, but also something which led to a bit of reflection on the personal front.

Results Driven.

Outcome Focussed.


That sounds so much better than ‘impatient’.

I’ll take it!

Actually it really does make sense.  I like to see results, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  I also think this is why the 12WBT is currently working for me.  It’s structured and organised with meal plans and exercise plans, and has a fitness test and measurements every four weeks along with weekly weigh-ins. Then there are the ‘before and after’ photos.

So it’s just the ticket for a results-driven-and-outcome-focussed kinda gal.

And speaking of which, my results from last week’s fitness test / measure-up included:

  • a 12cm reduction in size (53.5cm in total since starting the program in Round 3, August 2012)
  • a 2kg weight loss (14kg in total, or 20% of body weight)
  • improving on the 1km running time trial by 25 seconds (2 minutes since the start of the program).

I’m also pretty happy with the parkrun results, managing to improve slightly each week (and getting closer to the under-34-minutes goal).parkrun image

So in hindsight, the ‘Are we there yet?’ question as a child may well have just been eagerness to arrive at the beach and build a sandcastle, or to the shack and finish the tree house.

Not necessarily impatience at arriving, but possibly wanting to build, create, achieve and see results.

I’m not completely sure which it is, and maybe it doesn’t really matter.

So with just under four weeks remaining of Round 4 of the 12WBT, it’s time to dig deep and chip away at those results.

Watch this space, and wish me luck!

4 thoughts on ““Are we there yet?”

  1. I’m a bit like you, result orientated I think. I like seeing a chart, seeing that graph with my weight journey, having a checklist, crossing things off. Have you ever done a Myers Briggs test? It gives you insight about yourself and personality type too.

    Good luck with the running and the final weeks. Let’s rock this!

    • I did Myers Briggs years ago (All I remember is I, S…something…), but great idea Carol – might be time to do it again. Thanks for the well wishes, and right back at ya! 🙂

  2. I like the description results focussed outcome driven too. Sooooo, much better than impatient. I once tried to harass my plants into growing, to see if they would grow more leaves by sheer force of will. Dead disappointed they didn’t live up to my expectation.
    Well done on the improvement in the fitness test, great results.
    Nev (ESFP)

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