See, there’s this chick called Michelle

So…I wrote a song.  Well, changed the lyrics to a song (I’m not that clever) after pulling out the guitar again.

When I say ‘again’, I mean that I go through phases of building up callouses and then doing nothing for weeks so that they disappear / the whole process starts over.

So firstly – apologies for the roughness of the guitar playing.

And secondly – apologies if calling Michelle Bridges a ‘chick’ offends anyone.  It’s a term of endearment.  Honestly.

So here goes….

(deep breaths and ruby slippers definitely needed for this one)

…and share!

The idea came about in the shower, where all good at the time ideas are formed.

See, there are weekly challenges you can take part in during the 12WBT.  This week’s challenge asks us to reflect on what we’re doing differently now that sees us ‘playing the game rather than standing on the sidelines’.

It also mentions doing extraordinary things.  That’s where I got stuck.

I’m not extraordinary. At all.

But I am doing things differently.  Heck, just posting this song is VERY different for me.  I am no singer, and usually only play / warble in the comfort of my own loungeroom with an audience of one (the dog).  I do have a few tunes on Soundcloud, and am a user of *clears throat* the Glee App by Smule (don’t judge), but it’s all in fun and pretty anonymous.  But this blog is seen by real friends!  Actual people that I see and talk to!! (the double exclamation marks should have adequately demonstrated my feelings on this)

I still cringe hearing myself, but one of my goals when doing the Inspiration Board challenge back in Week 2 was ‘Enjoy It’.  This related to music, as back then I hadn’t played or picked up a musical instrument in months.

Another one of my goals was ‘Conquer It’.  As in the comfort zone.  You know – step outside it once in a while and see what happens.

So while not extraordinary, the change that the 12WBT has seen in me is slightly increased confidence and putting myself ‘out there’ more – like taking part in fun runs, leaving my job of almost 6 years and a workplace / people I loved (scary stuff – that one took ruby pumps, I tell ‘ya), and generally just trying new things.  Not huge for most people, but all baby steps along the yellow brick road path to the whole ‘believing in yourself’ thing.

Anyway, back to the song.

The tune is The Carpenters’ little ditty, Top of the World.

The cartoons were created using Bitstrips.

I’ll just go run and hide now…

20 thoughts on “See, there’s this chick called Michelle

  1. Bloody Brilliant!!!!!! What a great song!!! And yes that Chick called Michelle is doing it for loads of people – you reverberated my words and thoughts exactly

  2. Not only am I commenting but I liked your post as well so you know I have listened to the song, great effort. I think you give 12WBT too much credit, sure it helped you find your way a little quicker but you would have made it anyway.

  3. Love it, love it, seriously great work! I always enjoy reading your blog, your Ruby Sneakers resonates perfectly with me and you are obviously doing great on the program.

    • Thank you – I enjoy reading yours as well (no bikinis or fake nails here either haha). Doing OK mostly, but have a long way to go with fitness. Good luck with the rest of the round! 🙂

  4. You are one cool chick!!! This post & your song just made my day 🙂 I was so dumb to stay away from the blog/reader for such a long time… I now realise how much I’ve been missing reading your blog 😀 Chapeau!

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