Running, personal space and awkward moments…

…otherwise known as ‘the week of new discoveries’.

Some of them good, others – interesting (to say the least):

Discovery 1: Axl Rose is my perfect match

I really did think this in the early 90s.  As a teenager, my bedroom walls were plastered with Guns N’ Roses posters.  I had moved on from Wham and A-ha, and the new man in my life sported a bandana and leather pants.

Axl Rose Photo

Yes, I truly did have this exact poster

Fast-forward to 2013.

While I no longer harbour a crush (and in fact moved on years ago – I’m still not over ‘The Spaghetti Incident’, sorry Axl), we have been brought together again. This time thanks to the wonders of technology in the form of an iPhone app called TrailMix.

Used while running / walking, TrailMix somehow detects your pace and chooses songs from your iTunes library to match.  If you then speed up or slow down, the tempo adjusts accordingly without sounding ‘chipmunk-like’ (who by the way were the ‘big thing’ prior to A-ha.  Yes, I was that cool).

It’s actually a pretty awesome app.  I found myself speeding up and slowing down purposely, just to hear the differences (and was pleasantly surprised).

I used the ‘Magic Shuffle’ option, and it chose Guns N’ Roses (from my playlist of 100s of songs) about 80% of the time.  My ‘cool down’ walk was even done to Sweet Child O’ Mine.

The other popular match was Kansas.  I couldn’t complain about that one, either – although Kansas at a faster pace just sounds wrong.  So I kept it at a slow jog and just enjoyed the music.


There were a couple of times it jumped a bit, but for a free app it’s pretty impressive (free when I grabbed it during a promotion – not sure of actual cost).  Check it out here.

Discovery 2: A sure-fire way to meet people is to invade their personal space

Think Aqua Fitness class and a pool full of people.

The instructor was different this week, and her preferred approach was for all of us to line up side-by-side.  This didn’t leave much room between each person to start with, but factor in knowing-left-from-right mistakes, uncoordinated moves and buoyancy issues and you get the picture.

We went pretty quickly from apologies and embarrassed smiles to just laughing and going with the flow.  What are a few mistaken gropes and misplaced touches / kicks between perfect strangers friends, right?

(Note to self: Next week, stand in the shallow end.  Lunges / squats are more effective and enjoyable without copping a mouthful of water each time.)

Discovery 3: ‘Supervised peeing’ means just that

I had to do a health and fitness assessment as part of a pre-employment check.  The email I received with the details read something like ‘urine test under supervision’, but I figured they’d just point me in the direction of the ladies (after checking it for escape routes maybe?), cup in hand.

My mistake.

It actually means door ajar, assessor-lady waiting outside, and awkward ‘eye-contact-avoiding’ behaviour (on my part) to follow.

Let’s just say I’m thankful this was conducted toward the end of the assessment, and that I got to hide in a soundproof booth and play space invaders straight afterwards. (It was actually a hearing test, but when you have a controller in your hand that you press when you hear a sound, you have to imagine the ‘pyou!’ noise and have a bit of fun with it).


Old-school style

On the upside, I got a free health check and apparently have great eyes, ears, blood pressure and strength. Oh, and ‘surprisingly good lungs’ for a trying-to-quit smoker.

Discovery 4: When learning to run, it’s good to mix it up a bit

I’ve been doing the C25K program (just finished Week 6), and have walked / jogged parkrun several times.  I thought I was improving (and guess I still do think that), but there’s nothing like a reality check to get your focus back.

This new-stretchy-pants-and-breathable-top clad gal headed off for Week 1 of a running program in the local park.  There are 22 of us all preparing for a Women’s 5Km run in March, and this week the training involved 5-minute interval runs.

On the 1st run I took off at a cracking pace.  By the hill stage however, I’d dropped back to ‘almost walking’ speed.

On the 2nd run my hat flew off.  I may have taken more time than needed to retrieve it.

On the 3rd run I did slightly better, but am pretty sure the parents and kids playing on the opposite side of the park could hear my laboured breathing.

Running in the afternoon is hard!  Especially at 4:00pm a hot day, and especially when your preparation up until then has only involved early morning or indoor runs.

But I guess it’s a good learning experience – the actual 5km event will be in the middle of the day so it’s perfect really.  Plus, it was great putting some more ‘faces to names’ from the local 12WBT group.

It also reminded me of how far I’ve come.  A few months ago I wouldn’t have considered running on a hot summer’s day – especially during the Australia Day long weekend (there’s beers to be had and BBQ sausages and lamb chops to devour)!

So on that note…

I hope your week has been a great one – and for those in Aus, that you also had a fantastic Australia Day and are enjoying your long weekend.

10 thoughts on “Running, personal space and awkward moments…

    • I know – very thorough indeed! I’m secretly hoping it’s not really an office job, but that I’m actually being recruited as a spy (or something equally exciting). 😉

  1. Terrific post, I love the way you “talk”. OMG, the peeing under supervision, I would get stage fright for sure! Either that or my cup would over-runneth. Oh the shame. I love the idea of that app, I just checked it out, but not for android. Hmmmm, this just may be the impetus I need to buy an iphone. Maybe. Keep up the great work.


  2. Well done for getting out there on a public holiday! Sounds like you are well on your way to improving your 5k times with the running. By week 9 of c25k you’ll be practically running it in your sleep.
    As for supervised pee’ing……… I know ladies toilets are pretty social places – I’ve had many a good chat in there. But, being watched…… it would have to be a bloody good job at the end of it :-). Best of luck, hope you are successful.

    • Haha! The door was only slightly ajar, and she was kind enough to turn the tap on so it wasn’t as bad as I’ve probably made it sound lol – just unexpected I guess. Thanks Nev, I really appreciate you stopping by and always enjoy your blog updates! 🙂

      • That is too damned hilarious. At least the sound of running water would be better than her humming or similar to encourage you.
        I’m already looking forward to your next instalment, you always make me smile 🙂

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