What did I do today? Well, I’m glad you asked!

I ran 5km!  For the first time ever non-stop, and in under 34 minutes.


OK, so I know you didn’t actually ask (or need to see the photo for that matter).  I’m pretty certain neither will the bottle shop attendant I’ll be seeing later this evening, nor the checkout staff at the supermarket this afternoon.  But I’ll probably tell them anyway (and anyone else unlucky enough to cross paths with me).

Just casually weave it into the conversation like a ‘name dropper’ does (is ‘run dropper’ a term?  I think it should be).  You know, all like:

“Hi, random stranger out walking their dog – nice sneakers you have on there.  They look similar to the sneakers I wore today while running 5km!

“Cash or credit? Credit thanks – here’s my card.  Whoops, that’s’ my parkrun barcode sorry.  I used it this morning and ran 5km!   Let me find my credit card instead…”

“Hello?  Sorry, Mr Telemarketer – I can’t take part in your phone survey at the moment.  You see, I ran 5km this morning and have to go blog about it.”

OK, so I might be exaggerating a bit.  I can’t see myself actually doing that, but I am pretty chuffed and currently alternating between feelings of disbelief (‘holy crap!’) and accomplishment (‘woo hoo!’).

5km is probably small biccies to a lot of people (and I still don’t consider myself a runner), but I am making progress and the goal of 10km is not looking quite so daunting.

Setting goals has really helped.  I managed to achieve my January goal of walking / running 100km over the month, and am now 2-days into my February challenge of 1000 squats.

True to results-driven, outcome-focussed form, I analysed the numbers / days using a spreadsheet and ‘crunched’ a few different options – ie 40 squats a day over 28 days vs building up gradually vs building up gradually and including ‘rest days’).

It actually looks quite easy when you do break it down.  Maybe I’ve set the bar too low with ‘only’ 1000 squats?  It will be on top of my running training though, and squats are apparently one of the top-5 recommended exercises during a running program, so I figure it can’t hurt.

Here’s how it ended up:

Squat Challenge

Cartoon source: bitstrips.com

And here’s a tip on how the ‘form’ should look:

Perfect Squat

Source: crossfitwired.com.au

No doubt I’ll feel like doing a bit of ‘squat dropping’ come March, but I have a feeling that one’s going to be a bit harder to casually work into a conversation.

Although…demonstration could be the go: “Oops, ‘accidentally’ dropped my credit card.  One moment please, while I pick it up.” 😉

Have a great weekend wherever you are, and once again – thanks for asking!

13 thoughts on “What did I do today? Well, I’m glad you asked!

  1. Well done 🙂 That’s amazing!!! The first time I did 5kms and ran all the way I was surprised that it didn’t make the headlines on the news. I will be sure to look out for you on TV tonight. 10kms here you come!

  2. You are freaking awesome, and just quietly my hero right about now. I am loving the feeling I’m getting after a run, what a rush, but I’m finding my legs are giving out before my lungs which is infuriating. I got to 3.1km this morning but my legs had nothing left in them. Any hints or suggestions! Or has this not been a problem for you? Great stuff though, and I think you should tell a random person on the street and blog about it. Tee hee.

    • 3.1km is fantastic! The best tip I ever got for trying to run further was to slow right down when I felt like stopping. Even if you’re only jogging at a walking pace, it helps to go just that little bit further. And then maybe a bit further next time. (See, now I’ve run 5km I’ve become quite the expert!).

      I’m off to a group training session in the park now, so will definitely try to weave it into the conversation (there should be about 20 of us there). Ha! 🙂

  3. You got a big WOOHOO from me:-). That is a great time, well done! Maybe you will be signing up for that half marathon after all 😉
    Loving the squat challenge its a really good idea. My personal nemesis is press-Ups, thinking I should do something similar and build up over a month

    • You and your seed-planting tactics!! Haha.

      Press-ups are tough, I can see why it would be on the ‘nemesis’ list! Maybe build up slowly, or see how many you can do in say 1-minute and aim to beat it each time? Either way, sounds like it would be a great challenge! 🙂
      Thanks, Nev – pretty happy with the time, but just so relieved it’s finally done.

  4. So funny! 🙂 I’m like that with dead-lifting – you can’t brag to guys as it can be more than they do, and there’s very few girls that would greet the news with more than a blank stare. So I will tell you the words that I always want to hear: YOU ARE SO AWESOME FOR WHAT YOU JUST DID!!!!! lol.

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