The week of ‘Holy Crap!’

Week 12. The final week of the 12WBT program, and the week in which I apparently develop a potty mouth and the inability to contain a thought.

I knew it was coming – when we arrived at the final week during my first round I was uttering ‘Holy Crap!’ constantly!  With a huge smile, and accompanied by virtual high-fives and happy dances.

Mostly all in my head, mind you.

On the forums I’d post well-meaning-but-polite wishes (‘Pip-pip, tally-ho, top job good sir.’), but in my mind, the week of ‘Holy Crap!’ had begun.

Week 12 is a time when major ‘wins’, small victories and personal stories are shared, when milestones are achieved and goals are reached, and when hard work and commitment is realised.

It’s also a time of sharing ‘before and after’ photos, ‘journey’ videos, and accounts of 5km, 10km or half-marathons being entered / completed.

Holy Crap! Example 1 (Bella’s story)

Holy Crap! Example 2 (Sarah’s story)

There are many, many more – too many to share here. It’s not just the visual transformations, but also the stories, the reasons behind the change, and the commitment.  There are some people exercising regularly and running for the first time ever (and loving it!), others with improvements in overall health for the first time in years, and more still with total mindset changes.

It’s all pretty inspiring stuff!

Week 12 is a time of tidbits, updates and news from ‘ordinary’ people – many who would not consider themselves inspirational.  In my book they all are, and they make this final week one I look forward to – potty mouth and all.

Week 12 is also the time for our final fitness test.

I’m really happy that most of my results have improved.  The dreaded Wall-Sit gets me every time though, and was actually 10 seconds shorter than the previous attempt.  Definite room for improvement (again).

Wall Sit Exercise

I’ve been happily inspired to sign up for another round – this time doing the ‘Train for a 10km Run’ program, with the aim of entering a 10km event in June (Holy Crap! What have I done?).

Tonight is the Finale Party in Brisbane, and the current round officially ends tomorrow.  I’ll be watching the awards ceremony via a live broadcast on the website – glass of wine in hand, ready to toast the success of not only the Top 20 Finalists, but also the rest of the participants this round (I think we all deserve it for signing up over the Christmas / New Year period!).

So cheers to ‘Holy Crap!’ moments, and congrats on your successes / achievements – whatever they may be.

5 thoughts on “The week of ‘Holy Crap!’

  1. So, the seed grew and flowered then…….. :-). I have every confidence you will kick the butt of this challenge after that fab 5k time.
    I got delayed a bit this week and have only just finished week 1 of my programme. By June we’ll both be doing 10k and before we know it that 1/2 marathon will be in reach – eeeee disclaimer – this is in no way a legally binding statement to commit to attempting a 1/2m 🙂

    • Haha! Love the disclaimer! June seems so far away, but at least we have plenty of time to build up to 10km. It’s a bit exciting (never in my life thought I would say that about running!). 🙂

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