Something spooked my horse and I fell off the wagon!

(There’s an excuse if I’ve ever heard one)

I’m referring to the exercise-and-healthy-eating wagon that has, up until now, been drawn by a calm and very patient horse.

My trusty companion is now nowhere in sight.  He bolted about a week ago and is somewhere off in the distance – hence my thinking he’s been spooked (why else would it have happened?).  Meanwhile, I’m nursing bruises from having to do a ‘commando roll’ to safety (OK, not really – but what’s a bit of exaggeration between friends, right?).

Photo: Fall from wagon

We’d been getting on so well!

Sure, there’s been the odd bump in the road along the way, but nothing that a bit of coaxing (on my part) and slowing down (on his part, to let me catch up and jump back on) hasn’t fixed.

Rocky roads will do that, especially at the start of your journey when you’re both finding your way.  After a while though (when the initial saddle-soreness has eased), you’ve established a routine, and even feel comfortable enough to try new trails, to ‘up’ your pace, or stop to and re-evaluate where you want to go next:

“5km in one go?  OK, horse – let’s do it!”

“Train for 10km?  Are we up for it?  I guess we could give it a go.  Yes, yes – I’ll bring plenty of carrots.”

…so what have I done about it?

Let’s recap this week’s thinking about horse-searching efforts:

Monday: Ah, he’s just off somewhere having a rest.  We’ve been working really hard and deserve an extra day off. Besides, I start my new job today and that means getting into a new routine.

Wednesday: I’m too tired to look for him, but I’m sure he’s fine.  I’ll look tomorrow.

Thursday:  I’ll look after I meet my friends for breakfast.  It’s only been four days, that’s nothing! (I actually told them I was going home to exercise.  Nope, didn’t happen.)

Friday:  It’s too hot.  I’ll just sit here eating chips and drinking wine hoping he will come back.

Sidenote –  If you search for ‘crap’ in MyFitnessPal (as in, ‘I ate crap today but better track it nonetheless’) it comes back with actual results.  I personally went with the ‘Big Pile of Crap’ option.

Photo: MyFitnessPal

Which brings us to today.  Saturday.  At the moment, I’m feeling guilty and disappointed. I did a new PB at parkrun last week (32:35!) but today didn’t even make it to the starting line.

I know it’s only been six days, and that in the whole scheme of things it’s nothing – a mere blip!  I also know that the excuse of ‘something spooked my horse’ is just that – an excuse.  I am busy, I’m trying to fit things in and create a new routine, and I’m tired.  Apparently that also translates to: I need to blame something, and a spooked horse fits the bill nicely, thankyou.

I thought I had planned well enough for change, but as it turns out, writing ‘exercise’ in your calendar at the 6:00am slot doesn’t magically make you get out of bed (I know – I was really surprised as well!).  Especially if your routine has previously involved exercise at 8am (or thereabouts).

So in reality, it’s more feasible (and honest) that I jumped off the wagon willingly, then smacked my horse on the rear: “Go on!  Explore – I’ll come for you later.”

The learning:  slip-ups will happen, but they don’t mean it’s over.  I need to own it and move on.

Luckily, there’s another group training session on tomorrow afternoon (for the running program I’ve signed up for).  So that’s where I’ll start.

Sidenote 2:  The official Finale for the 12wbt program is being held in Melbourne this year on May the 4th.  My mind went straight to ‘Star Wars’ on hearing this news (I’m secretly hoping for a dress-up theme).  May the 4th be with you!

Photo: JFDI Star Wars

So for now I’m off to find my horse, jump back on the wagon, and…well…just do it (Jedi style)!

10 thoughts on “Something spooked my horse and I fell off the wagon!

  1. I think a horse needs a break every so often and it will do him (my assumption its a male horse here :-)) good. I think he’ll come back full of the joys of spring, frisky and ready to jump fences! You just need to be ready to saddle up.
    Loving the Yoda ref. I found that quote to be a great motivator when I was half way through c25k. That and the fact Id told work colleagues I was running at night and didn’t want to them come back in the morning saying I’d failed.
    Enjoy the rest, enjoy the new job, you will find a new groove 🙂

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  4. Okay well often we have bad experiences with horses (says me who is going horse riding next week, OMG, did I say that out loud, or did my fingers actually type that). The important thing is that I’m getting back up on the saddle. SO YOU CAN TOO DO YOU HEAR ME!!!! Yep but I am hearing you, all good plans and all, somewhere we can plan all we want, organise all we want, but it still comes down to a basic urge that we get up and do it. You need to write a book, honestly, I love the way you write and see the world. 🙂 Off to read the next few posts, hopefully that horse is back home again.

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