April challenge: a month of diddly-squats

The result?  Nailed it!

Granted, this type of squat is probably not on any approved-for-fitness list.  There’s also a strong chance it won’t result in tight buns, great legs or increased strength.


When you’re the type of person who likes to achieve goals, see results, and tick things off lists, sometimes a little positive spin is in order.  Especially after a month of doing little-to-no exercise (OK – closer to two months, but let’s pretend it’s not that bad).

Enter the diddly-squat challenge!


[Lovely readers – this is the point where the kind-hearted amongst you indulge me.  I’m not terribly good at admitting defeat or failure, so we’re now going on a little journey called ‘Let’s pretend I meant this the whole time, and have done exceptionally well!’  Some of you may prefer to call it ‘She’s really lost it this time’, and that’s OK too. The key message here: we’re kidding ourselves celebrating!]

I didn’t expect to do so well.  In fact it wasn’t until earlier today when I looked back over the last month that I realised just how well:

  • no parkruns
  • no running on the treadmill or outdoors at all
  • definitely no fitness classes, gyms, DVDs or exercise plans.

Sure, there have been a few slip-ups.  The walks to work, the house painting and numerous hours of prep-work / trips up and down a ladder, early morning walks with the new dog, and even the odd spot of renovating (lifting, more ladder trips and painting – that kind of thing).  But overall, I’m pretty happy with the amount of diddly-squat managed in the last month.

So in the spirit of sharing, below are my top tips*.

1. Be consistent

It takes time to develop habits, so this one does take a few days to get into the swing of things.

Start each day by hitting that snooze button on the alarm clock as soon as it rudely pulls you out of a warm, deep sleep. Do this again when it goes off a 2nd time, and repeat until you actually have to get up in order to avoid being late for work.

After a couple of days you can skip the snooze button altogether, and before you know it – bam!  Routine developed.

They do say consistency is key, after all.


2. Avoid temptation

Don’t by any means blog, visit WordPress (or any other blogging site) or check out fitness websites.  And definitely no visiting the 12wbt forums.  These are laden with all kinds of inspirational stories, photos and tales of exactly the thing you are trying to keep away from.  Too much of this type of behaviour and you’re on a slippery slope to actual exercise.

If you’ve been an active part of the blogging community, this one will be extremely difficult.  You’ll start to miss reading certain blogs – even feel terrible about being so slack – and may suffer withdrawals wondering what people have been up to.  Just remember that it’s all about achieving your goal, and once it’s over you can go back to stalking visiting them later.

If you do slip up and accidentally read, ‘like’ or comment encouragingly on someone’s facebook post about them running 10km for the first time ever (or something equally as dangerous), take a deep breath and distract yourself.  It will pass, but to speed up the process visit websites guaranteed to help you waste time.


YouTube and Reddit are good options, and there are some great non-fitness blogs around these days that do the trick nicely.

If this doesn’t work and you’re still promising yourself that you’ll ‘start again tomorrow’, never fear.  This will pass quickly if you revisit Tip 1.

3. Plan ahead

This one takes a bit of effort, but is well worth the results.

The key is to plan other things to do.  Like painting the house, getting a new dog, or even cleaning out the spare room – anything that ensures that you have more balls to juggle than ever.

Pretty soon one of those bad boys will drop, and if you’re lucky it will be the right one.


You’re welcome!

So with April’s goal smashed, it time to plan another one for May. This time I’m thinking something with actual exercise or activity of some kind.

This goal-setting caper is great!

*note: advice may produce better results with tongue firmly in cheek

11 thoughts on “April challenge: a month of diddly-squats

  1. Awesome effort. Well done!! Make sure you get plenty of rest in between ‘workouts’ – you don’t wanna burn out…

  2. Well done dear, all that running was going to wear out your ruby sneakers. This way they will last much longer 🙂

    Slightly more serious tone – Its great to hear from you again, I’ve really missed your posts. Here’s to a new month, may the good times roll.

  3. Love it!! I’ve definitely been on the diddly squat challenge as well. Glad to know you are still alive. Let me know when you are going to start park run again.

    • There seem to be a lot of people on it – it’s good to know we’re not alone! Parkrun again very soon. I almost sent you a message a couple of days ago to see if you were interested, but that would have meant actually committing to it lol.

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