The early bird gets the…cheese?

I’ve mentioned the little determined mouse before, and how he’s helped me to focus on goals – reminding me to never give up.


I had reason to think of him again today after (finally!!) getting out the door and actually running 5km.

I got the cheese!

Well, only a teeny-tiny crumbly bit really, but enough to remind me of how good it tastes. And that if I wanted more, I’d better put my red helmet ruby slippers on and get to it!

But let’s back up a bit…

After smashing the April diddly-squat goal, I tried to think of a new challenge. Maybe one that actually involved, you know…exercise and stuff.

So the next step was to check out a few of my favourite blogs.  Within minutes I was feeling all inspired and keen (you guys!), and realising that I already had a goal:


Or, more specifically: running 10km on 16 June (eep!).

Which is not that far away (double-eep!).

So going to bed that night I laid out my running gear, put the Garmin on the charger, and set the alarm. I was pumped.

That night I dreamt of running. 9km in 8-ish hours (apparently my dream-self knows her stuff. Don’t want to set any speed records now, do we?).  It felt great and I didn’t even break a sweat.

The alarm went off the next morning and something happened. I turned it off, rolled over…and slept.

Awesome. Day one, and already off to a stellar start.

The next few days went pretty much the same way, but with the addition of:

  • buying new gear (gloves, proper running socks and a headband thingy to keep my ears warm on these freezing mornings)
  • talking to ‘fellow’ runners
  • reading more blogs
  • oiling the treadmill (as a backup)
  • telling more friends about it and sharing this blog with some of them (the old accountability trick!)

So basically, just doing lots of procrastinating planning.

As every good procrastinator planner knows – this all takes time.  You have to do it thoroughly – it just makes good sense.

In the end though, what it came down to was a big dose of JFDI.

To Just Friggin’ Do It.

So I did.

I know it’s not a huge achievement, but it is a step in the right direction. My last run was way back in March, where I joined 1600+ others in the Women’s 5km.  If you look closely you might just spot me here somewhere:

Today’s 5km was much slower. There were some moments where I might as well have been walking (yep, I was that slow) but luckily for me, other joggers appeared along the way.  Every time another runner appeared, I straightened my posture, picked up the pace, and made an effort to pretend I had been running that way the whole time.

Also luckily for me: they were super-fast, meaning that I didn’t need to keep the pretence up for too long and could go back to breathless staggering.

In the end though, speed didn’t really matter.  After around two months of next-to-no exercise, I did the whole thing without stopping, and I did it on my own without any other butts to sniff.

So are things back on track?  I think so.

There’s still a long way to go, but the whole block of cheese 10km is starting to look more within reach than it did last week.

But just in case…

Running alarm

8 thoughts on “The early bird gets the…cheese?

  1. That looks suspiciously like the place I call home dear Ruby Sneaker! Next time you are at parkrun I will be looking out for your ruby sneakers! Perhaps we should develop a secret runner blogger’s wave.

    • Haha! The last time I was there I actually did keep an eye out for some fabulous pink sneakers (but alas, ’twas not to be). I’m do hope our paths will cross eventually! 🙂

      • That would be cool! I don’t think we will get there for a couple of weeks, we have City to Casino next week and then the Lilydale Lope the following. Would be great to say hello 🙂

  2. Yep, darn it, definitely gone. Okay here goes again…

    I’m hearing you mate. Setting a date goal to run the 10km by is a good thing. That’s what happened to me when the local crew challenged me to run the 10 by finale. What pressure! But good pressure. And by heck I did it. And I believe in you! You can doooooo eeeeeet! Now hit the streets! 😉

  3. Hi RubySneaker! Just joined Juneathon for the second year and have spent my last morning in May planning my approach. And by planning I mean sitting on the couch for the past 3 hours reading all the other blogs. This post of yours had me chuckling out loud, especially when I saw the 4 alarms set. I do all these things! I read, I talk, I plan, I dream about running, I look hungrily at other runners on the road when I drive past them, I note distances that I have driven and think how I could run that, I long for the time when a run is full of slo-mo sparkles and I leap out of bed in the morning to run down the road like a gazelle. And I buy shoes and clothes and watches and hats. My nightmares are about races I’ve forgotten to register for and didn’t have a bib. And yet, I roll over and sleep more, or find something else that is urgent, or not, to do instead. Why is that? Anyway, I was happy to read your post and thanks for making me feel I have company in the world. Good luck with Juneathon 2014!

    • Oh I’m so glad you left a comment, I’m nodding away and agreeing with all of the things you do as well lol. Reading blogs is the best form of planning – so much inspiration out there which is great too!

      Good luck with Juneathon 2014, and thanks for stopping by. I’ll “see” you around. 🙂

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