“Mummy, why is that lady making funny noises?”

Little girl:  *Points and stares*

Mum:  Oh, she’s just trying to run.

Little girl:  But she’s all red in the face!  And she sounds like you and Dad do when you make me go to bed early!

Mum:  *Awkward laugh*

Little girl:  She’s not moving very far is she? Do you think we should help?

Mum:  Let’s go over here and say hi to this puppy… (Nice save there, mum!)


OK, so I can’t be 100% sure that this was their exact conversation, but I have a sneaking suspicion it was pretty close.  There was a little girl with who I am assuming was her mum on my run today, and they did look my way, talk, and then pat a puppy.  There also wasn’t any actual pointing (but that could just be due to good parenting and teaching manners and stuff).

Or maybe (just maybe) they were simply chatting about something completely unrelated.

In either case, let me just state right now:

Running is tough!

This is not by any means a new discovery.  I found out the hard way months ago when taking my (then) smoker’s lungs out for their first 5km jaunt (which was mostly walking with bursts of breathless staggering).

Up until attempting the 5km, I’d been doing around 3km on the treadmill a few times a week.  That was also tough, and I guess I’d just been hoping that five(ish) months later, it would have become a little bit more enjoyable.

Just a bit (c’mon – give something!).

But I’m still yet to achieve that feeling.  I’ve heard words ‘joy’, ‘elation’, ‘the zone’, and ‘the high’ used to describe it.

So I can only hope that it’s just around the corner.  That instead of this:


I might feel this:


I really don’t mean to sound all ‘Woe is me’ (for that, I apologise).


It’s…just tough.  Simple as that.

I know I’m not alone, and that many runners experience the same thing (I’ve Googled researched it to reassure myself).

I also know that it will get better, easier, more enjoyable…but that it takes time (and effort, and consistency).

I guess I’m just getting it out there. Acknowledging that this ‘running business’ can be hard, but from what I’ve also experienced – very rewarding.

So with that off my chest (thanks for listening) it’s now time to focus on the positives (and let’s face it – harden up, stop being so impatient, and be thankful that I can run at all).

So here goes:

  • I’m certainly faster, and can now run the whole way. (Big tick for that).  I recently managed 6.5km, and next week the goal is 8km.
  • I breathe easier, feel much fitter generally, and my legs aren’t as heavy or tired. (Another big tick)
  • I love the feeling at the end of a run. It’s over!  (The relief – oh, the sweet relief)
  • I’ve re-discovered a love of sprinting.  I may not enjoy running any great distances, but when sprints are on the cards it’s a good day.
  • At times, especially after a group event or training, I’m energised and happy.  With feelings of what could actually be the so-called ‘high’ creeping in.

Sidenote: During this last one I become super-talkative when I get home.  The ‘I did this, my time was that, then this happened…’ kind of stuff. 

‘J’, naturally, is thrilled-to-bits hearing all the detail.


So with only four weeks to go until the big day (10km!!), my plan for each run from here is to just focus on the end.  To keep my head down, ignore the *points and stares* going on in my head, and keep running until it’s time to stop.

To realise that I may not ever be one of those runners, but if it does happen (please let it happen)…well that’s just a nice bonus.

(I sound awfully convincing, right?)

All cartoons created using the bitstrips facebook app.

13 thoughts on ““Mummy, why is that lady making funny noises?”

  1. Mate, I still don’t think I’m one of ‘those’ runners, and it IS hard, damn hard. It’s still a slog for me and it’s not pretty and my breathing is one of the reasons I like to run alone ha! But I like the achievement. I like the feeling of the run building and hearing the lady in Runkeeper telling me how far I’ve gone (I have her set to tell me every 5 mins AND every 1km, I’m needy for the affirmation!) and I like the feeling afterwards. I have no idea if it’s that runners high but I like the sense that I did it, and yes after a fun run or group activity Mike tells me I don’t shut up! Ha.

    Keep going and ignore the little girls and mums and stares. I bet she was saying “Look mummy, look at that pretty lady, she can go fast, run lady run, see the lady run…”. 🙂

    • Oh the beep of my Garmin every 1km is the most wonderful sound in the world. Lol.

      Thanks Carol – this running business really is a mental game, and I do love the ‘finishing’ high so maybe that’s enough. A friend described his running sound as “grunting like an ox being given an enema in a room of smoke” (love the visual!) so it’s good to know we’re not alone. 😀

  2. Glad to see you back on form, even if you don’t think you are (yet). I reckon you’ll blitz the 10k and surprise yourself.
    Loving your bitstrips, they always make me giggle.

    • Thanks! I think I’m just too hard on myself (and impatient lol). The bitstrips app went down for a few days last week – cue panic stations (almost had to start posting real pics…)!

      • Now I have images of you trying to capture that dentist shot for real. Hmmmmm. Maybe not 🙂
        Be kind to yourself, you are getting there. 🙂

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I popped over here and really liked several of your posts, so I decided to comment on this one. I also want to be part of the butt-sniffing group, I love that visual! Please remember that you became a runner on the SECOND morning you rolled out of bed and ran. Many people roll out of bed once, find the first run is “hard” or “painfull” (I really wanted air quotes here, but that’s rather hard to type, isn’t it?) and don’t try again. So good luck on your 10k.

    • Thank you David, that’s great advice. The 10k is so close now. I don’t feel ready yet but will give it my best – at the very least it will give me something to improve on. I really appreciate you stopping by. 🙂

      ps – glad you enjoyed the visual, it always makes me smile.

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