WordPress – we need to talk!

Dear WordPress,

Or should I call you Judgey Judgerson ?  How about JJ for short?

Here’s the thing, JJ – your tag “suggestions” (when I publish a post) aren’t doing much for my self-confidence. They almost feel like…well, a diagnosis of sorts.  Like you’re simply picking out certain words I’ve written and then being all, ‘A-Ha!  Fellas, here’s that poor blogger we’ve been trying to help out.  Quick – suggest that tag for her again before she slips through the cracks!’

Or even worse – that you made up your mind months ago, assigned me a permanent tag “suggestion”, and I’m now pigeon-holed for all future posts.  I can hear it now: ‘Hey love, file this one in the Watch and Observe category for us would you?  Cheers.’

What tag I hear you ask?

Mental–Health (seriously, JJ – it’s kinda starting to hurt my feelings)


Stern, questioning look courtesy of Bitstrips facebook app

I actually can’t tell if you’re trying to be helpful, witty, or well…a bit of a dick.

But just in case it’s the first, and you really are the caring type (I want to give you the benefit of the doubt, JJ), please let me explain a few things:

1. The username – RubySneaker

To you that name might make it appear that I really dig wearing only one shoe.  Like it’s my thing and that I actually do get around with a permanent limp and holes in my sock.

The thing is, your 12-letter-username rule meant that I had to drop something (or was it that someone else already had that username?  I can’t recall sorry.  Anyway…).  So I had to make a choice, and the ‘s’ on the end of my preferred name went.

See?  Easily explained away.


Sidenote:  I tried to get around this by (craftily) using a gravatar picture with the full name of RubySneakers, but alas – some fellow bloggers also think I only wear one shoe. So for this one I’ll give you a free pass.   

2. Talking about sometimes needing other butts to sniff

If you took the time to read this one instead of automatically playing “helpful doctor”, you’d find that I meant something completely harmless.  That I was actually referring to exercising with others and how it can be motivating and encouraging.

Mental-Health indeed!


Stern, annoyed look courtesy of Bitstrips facebook app

3. Conversations between my mind, legs and smoker’s lungs (when I first tried to run)


Kidding.  I was kidding!  *awkward laugh*

That never really happened.  Honest.

4. The fact that I’m now addressing you as an actual person

Well, JJ, we have known each other for around six months now.  Sure, there is no doubt a team of people working there.  With algorithms, technical thingies and wot-not also most likely involved somehow.

But you’re always providing helpful blog posts, encouraging me to read Freshly Pressed, and even hinting at other blogs I might enjoy.  “Diagnosis” aside, it’s like you do know me a bit.  Therefore I feel like I know you a bit, too.

In fact, in Australia, giving a nickname to someone is a true sign of friendship.  So, JJ (mate), I think this one’s also explained away pretty nicely.

So there you go – all cleared up and not a Mental-Health tag in sight. (right?)

I hope you can see that you have been pretty darn judgey, and I also trust that my use of stern air quotes on certain phrases (and my even sterner cartoon-glares) have served their purpose.

So, JJ – thanks for your time.  I hope the above has sufficiently quashed any concerns you may have had.

If so, great.


‘Relieved, hope-they-fell-for-it’ image also from Bitstrips

If not, I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.  And just to show you that there are no hard feelings, this one’s on me:

*tag*  #Mental-Health

Ps – there’s also a slight chance that the tag suggestion might be as a result of writing about running, fitness and mindset.  All healthy stuff.  If so, please accept my apologies, JJ – sorry – WordPress. You’re doing a fine job.

Chat soon!


Update: Upon posting, this was the suggested tag.  I heart you, WordPress.

WordPress is funny!

Well played, my friend, well played.

8 thoughts on “WordPress – we need to talk!

  1. oooh, I’ve never noticed those before! Or maybe JJ just ignores me when I post.
    Im relieved to hear that your stern talking to has resulted in a change in your relationship. I would suggest couples counselling, but that could also be straying too close to the #mental-health tag 🙂

    • It was touch-and-go for a while there, but things seem to be on the mend. I didn’t really want to go down the path of counselling or mediation, so I’m relieved. 🙂

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