Eight days and counting

Anyone who has been checking in on my progress during the last six months may know that I’ve had a few stops and starts; from achieving (and enjoying) a certain level of health and fitness, to falling off the wagon (then getting back on again, then doing diddly-squat for a while) to more recently setting a goal of eating the whole block of cheese running 10km.

It’s nearly here (cue trumpets)! 16 June. Only eight days away, and the day I attempt to run 10km for the first time.

Eight. Days.


Sorry. I mean – oh dear, that’s not far away!

So in honour of the countdown (did I mention it’s only eight days away?!) below is a bit of a wrap-up of the last couple of weeks.

Otherwise known as: eight random bits of information that you didn’t ask for but are getting anyway:

8. The longest distance run so far.  I’ve been doing my long runs on Sundays, and last week managed 8km. There was one teeny-tiny point where I walked briefly, but no-one was around so it doesn’t count (Right? Good. Carry on).

Tomorrow’s goal is 9km (and to also not keel over in the process), followed by 10km on race day.

7. The magic number, apparently. Around the 7km mark during my last two runs something weird happened.  It felt OK. For a time my mind was quiet, my breathing felt even, and running didn’t seem like such a struggle.  It was so encouraging, and a feeling I want to experience again.

Sidenote: I must admit to getting a tad bit excited at this point: ‘I’m a runner! It’s happened!’ If I had long hair, there would have definitely some slow-motion-ponytail-swishing action and toothy, sparkling smiles going on. 

I quickly got a hold of myself though, ie:

6. The number of seconds ‘7’ lasted for.  OK – maybe it was slightly longer (at least a minute?) but when my stupid, sabotaging brain kicked back in, that’s what it felt like (so sweet, yet so fleeting). On the upside, I now know ‘that feeling’ does exist (yay!).

This was also the point where I had to remind myself (yet again) that it takes time, effort and persistence, and to also not be so impatient for results.

6 is also the number of runs completed over the last two weeks – a mixture of speed work, treadmill, long runs and a group run. I’m trying to do three per week, and include some core work or strengthening stuff in-between.

5. The current PB distance.  One of my goals is to run sub-30 minutes over 5km, and each week am slowly chipping away and getting closer. Tuesday night’s running group helped – there’s nothing quite as motivating as running in the dark, at the absolute rear of the pack, and having to speed up so as not to lose everyone and get left behind!

4. Days left to register for the 10km.  Umm…yeah. So I haven’t registered yet. I’ll do it later today (or tomorrow). Promise.

3. Running things bought this week.  It’s winter, so the two long-sleeved tops purchased were a must. I also lashed out and bought proper socks (man, those things are expensive!).

2. Running things left to buy this week.  Black was not the best colour to wear while running at night. I did start out wearing a jacket with light reflector thingies on it (being safety conscious and all that), but stripped off around the 3km mark.

There was only a smallish section of the course that was unlit, but I now need to buy stick-on reflector tape and a light of some sort. Running in black is best left to the real ninjas.

1. Quite possibly the number of people left still reading this. *waves* Hi there, you! Aren’t you a bit lovely. 🙂

So that’s it. The eight-day countdown has begun.

I have a speech all prepared in the event I actually finish in one piece, and am also expecting a press conference and news cameras to drop by my house. Oh, and a write up in the local paper, if you don’t mind.


Source: http://www.bitstrips.com (facebook app)

OK not really, but if my first non-stop 5km is anything to go by, there’s a chance I may be a tad bit excited. So while not a news feature, I will post an update on how it goes.

I think I’m actually looking forward to it.

14 thoughts on “Eight days and counting

  1. The best motivation you can have is knowing you have already dropped your cold hard cash on the race, and now you HAVE to race.

    The best advice I’ve gotten is to remember to run YOUR race pace at the start, and not the crowd’s pace. If you take off full of excitement with the pack, you will be walking by mile 3. Run at your pace, and make sure you have enough left to sprint to the finish with that “arms in the air” thing as you cross the line.

    • That’s great advice! Thanks, David – I really appreciate it (and am now all paid-up and registered). I think it will be hard not to get caught up in the excitement with the pack, but will definitely aim to run my own pace. Oh, and finishing with “arms in the air” is a must! 🙂

  2. Hey Ninja, you will go great guns. I was reading Ultraprimed recently, tell me you read Di’s blog, it’s fantastic. And to run a distance race, you don’t have to have run that distance before the big day. I guess it doesn’t hurt. But there’s a % thing involved. So you will be fantastic, I just know.

    As for the black, I run a lot in black, but now i have a fluoro vest with reflectors on it. I got it given to me by one of the running gurus at my work, he’s a bit passionate about it all. And it’s the first thing I grab when I go out when I get home. No idea where you would buy them though.

    Oh and definitely run your own race. I went out with the pack at the Run the Gap and almost burst a foofer valve. I’m still working on my finish line face, I look exhausted each time. I need to make sure I have a grin happening 🙂 Good to hear you’ve registered. Yay!

  3. Today’s the big day!!! hope it all goes as planned, and if not then fly to the states and redo the 16th 🙂 except by the time you take the long flight from Oz to Usa you will have missed it… Ok never mind lol. Have fun, you’ll do great, I know you will!

    • Two hours to go!!! It’s come around so quickly. Thanks J, I’ll try to have fun with it (and not keel over lol). I like your idea of flying to the states for a redo! 😀

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