I survived The Hunger Games!

Or maybe it was more like The Long Walk – a novel by Stephen King in which race participants get ‘taken out’ (for not keeping pace) until only one survives.

There’s also a chance I may be exaggerating ever so slightly have misinterpreted things.

But I’m sure you’ll forgive me for experiencing a moment of panic that there would be weapons involved slight concern about today’s 10km event upon agreeing to the following ‘WARNING, RELEASE AND INDEMNITY’ (all caps = Very. Serious. Business.):


That’s right: significant risk blah, blah…of death from blah blah…’accidents’ with other participants, spectators or road users!

No worries, race organisers: here’s some money – where do I sign?!

In reality there was not a whiff of danger in sight. I don’t mean to sound disappointed (honestly), and in fact am quite relieved. Dodging runners who did the whole ‘sudden-stop’ thing certainly kept me on my toes, so to not have the added pressure of also dodging arrows or bullets was a blessing, really .

Now…onto the actual telling-you-about-the-run stuff!

The Launceston 10 is a 10km road race, and this year’s event had around 1600 entrants.  Apparently it’s a bit of a big deal, and attracts top athletes from around the country.  The men’s division winner – in 29:09 – was Olympian Ben St Lawrence, who is also known to some of us as a ‘provider of great tips and advice’ in the 12WBT running forums.


Way to go, Ben!
Photo source: http://www.examiner.com.au

It was a flat course – out and back along the highway, with bagpipes at the halfway point. Yes, you did just read that. And no, I didn’t stop for a bit of Highland Flinging (tempting as it was).

It was cold (I guess it is winter after-all), and the home 5km-stretch provided a lovely, challenging head wind, but all-in-all it was pretty great.

Runners are an awesome bunch, aren’t they?  Even though I arrived alone, I quickly met up with three lovely ladies I met through the 12WBT program and instantly felt welcomed and included.

(Big thanks to ‘M’ and her pre-run training / stretching tips. I think they made all the difference.)

During the run there were also numerous people chatting, laughing, and generally having a grand old time.

So how did I go?  I managed to run the whole way (woo hoo!) and beat my 5km PB time in the process (*almost* under 30 minutes, so am getting closer on that front).

My legs held up, my lungs didn’t burst, and I averaged 6:24 min/km which isn’t too shabby for a first 10km attempt.

In short: I survived The Hunger Games!


Having a bunch of supportive, encouraging people in your corner certainly goes a long way (thank you!). Congrats also to those who took part – now go and rest up!

So I guess this also means that I need to find a new goal. I hear there’s another 10km coming up in September, so that might be worth a look.

This ‘running thing’ might end up being just as addictive as the ‘buying running gear thing’.

Which can only be a good thing, right?

18 thoughts on “I survived The Hunger Games!

  1. Very Well Done RubySneaker!!!! I was cheering you on in spirit. That is a great report of a great run. Running certainly is addictive.

    Run For a Wish (6km I think) is open for registrations – what’s next for you? Ross Marathons has a 10km run too.

  2. I’m so proud of you Leanne, you’re such an inspiration to me! I’m about to go complete day 4 of C25K, one day I’ll be as good as you and be able to run a 10km

  3. You forgot the bit about the toilet games… 6 porta loos are nowhere near enough for 1500 racers and their support crew. BTW You were amazing. You out ran me. 🙂 There will be loads of races coming up. Mud Run, Raw Challenge, Ross Marathon, Run for a Wish, Westbury Fun Run, Run the Ridge, Santa Run, Point to Pinnacle… see a couple of nasty ones thrown in there. And next time get in the picture. I can do my Benny Hill impersonation again and you can be a ninja.

    • Haha – the toilet games almost got their own post! That was crazy, but at least there was no time to get nervous (we did cut it a bit fine getting to the starting line lol). I’ll be in the pic next time for sure – I thought it was just a run group thing! 🙂

  4. Awesome stuff! Very excited to hear you smashed some personal bests and smashed 10km in the process! I miss running, you have inspired me to lace up my joggers and get back out in the wild! 😀

  5. Love love love, I couldn’t wait to read about your run. I agree, when you get to a run, everyone is so encouraging and fun, people you know, people you don’t, it’s like a fraternity of sorts. I laughed when I read about the bagpipes, that would be enough to speed up the legs to get away from them for sure. Shouldn’t say that too loud being that my hubby works with bagpipes every day, they’re always going around here. And your time is superb, says me, spoken like the true plodder I am.

    So …. when’s the next one????? 😉

    • Oh I totally forgot about your hubby playing bagpipes! If this whole highland fling while running takes off (which I’m sure it will) he could be up for a few gigs. Thanks Carol. 🙂

  6. Excellent time for a first 10k. My first 10k was actually two races – a 5k that did one lap and the 10k group that did two laps. So as I’m crossing the half-way point and starting lap two, the 10k winner was about 20 meters behind me. My wife said “well, at least you didn’t get lapped!”

    • Oh I missed this earlier – sorry David. Thank you! It was much better than expected, and I’m happy to have run the whole way.

      Doing two laps in a 10k would be hard (especially on the ego lol) – I imagine many of us would be lapped! Well done on yours. 🙂

  7. When I did my first 10k we were held up waiting for the loos. Figured we had waited so long we would persist, then started some time after the bulk of the runners. It turned out to be great, we still got our timer chips to record accurate time, but didn’t have any congestion to contend with. So now any fun run, I just time my starting after the main group! Although, doubt that would work for City2Surf in Sydney!

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