Catch me if you can

I’m not big on having my photo taken (you’re shocked, I know), so was quite surprised to find myself looking forward to seeing some from the 10k last week. It was my first ‘big’ event, and having a snap or two would have been a bit nice.

For memories and…stuff.

Or at the very least, something to whip out for extra motivation (ie to ward off the diddly-squats).

So when an email came from the official photographer a few days ago, I excitedly clicked on the link.


“What are you doing? Why are you staring at the ground?! Are there coins or other valuables down there? A treasure map, maybe?”

All (bar one) were of the top of my hat, and with my head tilted sideways in some weird pose. Like I’m not only looking for coins or valuables, but listening (intently!) for them as well. I’m almost certain that without the help of the crowd, I would have ended up completely lost and going the wrong way (but rich, apparently!). 

The photos are actually quite good for a bit of a laugh, but alas, could have been of anyone in a red hat and white top. The only difference being that I’m clutching a wad of used tissues in my headband thingy that I’d taken off earlier (so not only rich, but classy as well).

Being a race novice, I also figured that if there were going to be photos taken it would happen right at the end. 

*Cue over-the-top, I’m-not-puffed-at-all smile*

So, yeah… I do want to apologise to the unsuspecting family and friends of other participants who were greeted by a grinning loon at the finish line. Turns out, the photographer was placed 30 or so metres before this point (whoops) so my well-timed ‘finish face’ was probably a bit over the top / scary.

I actually feel a bit silly now for wanting an ‘action shot’ (not to mention embarrassed by admitting to the whole ‘finish face’ pose and subsequent let-down).  I should really have known better.

First, there was parkrun:


Then, the Women’s 5k:


(Sorry Tasrunphotos – I would have paid $28.00 for the real thing; if only you’d captured my ‘good’ side)

So last Sunday was nothing out of the ordinary, really:


And another. So fast I was a blur:


In fact – on looking back over the ‘evidence’ of my running, I may have discovered something so much better: a new game to play!

‘Spot the wannabe runner’ (not dissimilar to Where’s Wally?).

See – there’s always a silver lining.  It’s actually right up my alley, and something I could definitely have fun with.

Or ‘run’ with, if you will (sorry).

So here’s to the next challenge – I think it’s white hat’s turn to partially shine. 🙂

13 thoughts on “Catch me if you can

  1. Oh dear, love your post! I don’t think anyone take a good finish photo but yours are really classic. If you look to the left of the parkrun photo my Husband is there (skins, black and white cap) – that was the day of the Uni graduation – I was consoling brown-eyed daughter #1 because the ‘Town and Gown’ had been cancelled due to the rain so I was busy with tissues rather than running shoes. Hopefully one day soon there will be an awesome running shot taken that you love!

    • Well clearly he’s very good at photos! That was only my 2nd parkrun, and it was pretty much me and 20 other ‘real’ runners. I beat my PB purely so that I didn’t hold everyone up too much (great motivation lol). They were so supportive – patiently waiting around for this ‘L plated runner to finish. 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh! You have me giggling. You know what you need? You need a dose of the Mike Papparrazzi! That’s what. But then you have to contend with bum shots and those very unflattering finish line who-the-hell-is-that-oh-what-its-me photos. But I tell you, no one quite wears a pink hat like you!

  3. You always make me smile, you’re ability to laugh at yourself reminds me so much of me. And I love the pics 😉

    • It’s one of the things I love most (yes, there – I said it 😛 ) about you, Jill. And let’s face it, we have to ‘find the funny’ with so much material to work with. Lol. Soo many things I haven’t shared that are right up there (maybe one day). 🙂

  4. Great photos!!!! LOL. Tasphotos did the same to me in the women’s 5k. Megs took one but I have never seen it as I was on the verge of hurling when she snapped it. Your hat did well to hang on during the 10k. Mine was blown off. The big question now is will we see white hat in Run for a Wish?

  5. Brilliant. Don’t worry it happens to us all. The only good action shot race photo I have ever seen is the one of my daughter but she is 11 and built like a greyhound so bound to be good, but her turn will come

  6. “I want to be in a photo.
    Where’s me in a photo?
    Did they not get one of me at all?
    I hope I’m in the next photo.

    Oh, there I am!

    I wish I hadn’t had my photo taken”

    – every runner at some point in their life.

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