Hugs and condolences

I ran 10k without my Garmin last night.

*dramatic pause*

You can hug me now, or just provide words of support – whichever you prefer.

It wasn’t until the halfway point that I even realised (how did that even happen? I usually check it obsessively every 30 seconds or so!).

Disbelief and sad feelings ensued, let me tell you.  I finished the run, but it just wasn’t the same.


You can then imagine the sweet relief when I awoke several hours later to discover it was a very real nightmare, you guys! just a dream.

Just a dream. (*repeats and rocks back and forward*)

It was awful. Imagine if I hadn’t just forgotten it, but that it (gasp) died!

I would definitely need something like this (please take notes – this subject is overly dramatic, I know very important):


In any case, it was just a dream (but thank you for the hug – I feel much better now).

It may also have been an indication that I love and rely on my Garmin just a little too much.

Like a heads-up from my subconscious that it might be verging on ridiculous.

Subconscious: You can go for a run without it, you know? Other people manage just fine.

Me: Whatever.

Stupid brain.


More sympathy cards for runners available at Runner’s World:

10 thoughts on “Hugs and condolences

  1. LOL! This is awesome – last week I went to my basement to do a 4am run on the treadmill and as I laced up my shoes I realized I’d left my Garmin on my nightstand, 2 floors up. I sat paralyzed for a minute, trying to decide what to do. Do I run and then *gasp* not have my run recorded? Do I spend energy going up and down 2 flights of stairs after taking my shoes off and have to put them on again? I’ve made life altering decisions faster than that one took…

  2. Oh dear, yes I know what you mean about obsessively checking the GPS watch (I have a Polar). I’m so glad it was only a dream, a very bad one, but only a dream! (I’m seriously getting a second one, just in case this ones dies at an inopportune time!)

  3. Ha! I LOVE this. I have a huge chunk of a Garmin (Forerunner 101), and while I get a little paranoid that some people may think it’s a convict’s GPS tracker, I still run with it. The sole exception is when I go to my parkrun. I forgot it last week, and made the active decision not to run with it this week. However, that will change as my other half has bought me a new one for my birthday.

    There is nothing wrong with indulging your inner stats freak (so I keep telling myself).

  4. A women heard my Garmin bleep mid-race yesterday and asked me how far we’d run. She went on to say how she’d left her Garmin on the kitchen table that morning. Who knows why she didn’t immediately pull out from the race. Shameless!

  5. When I first got my garmin I was constantly looking at it, now I’m not fussed hardly look at it. And even if I do forget it I know how to map, so it’s no loss.
    btw found you on the running bloggers website, good to see more australian running bloggers.

  6. I have a nike sports and it told me I was piking out on the last kilometre of my run … my cool down kilometre. So on saturday I switched it off and restarted it after my 5km fast effort. Stupid thing posted how I crushed a 1.4 km run with a pace of 10’34” sigh. Completely didn’t share the awesome run with a pace of 6’30″… nearly as upsetting as when I can’t find a satellite.

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