There and Back Again…

A Hobbit’s tale.

No wait.

A tale of habit. (yes, that’s much better)

I wish I could tell you that my Juneathon activities have involved new paths taken, trails explored, and exciting adventures along the way, but in reality the closest I’ve come to being Hobbit-like is by way of a typo.

Hobbit Habit.

As in a creature of.

So my tale of ‘There and Back Again’ is not nearly as interesting. In reality, it means I’ve taken the same route for walking / running pretty much the whole time. With a couple of exceptions, I generally stick close to home – the nearby park, the streets close by, and the parkrun course. I run there, and I run back again.

(I did get a bit excited last week visiting ‘The Wizard’s Bar’, but figured a business function may not be the most appropriate time for a selfie with the dragon mural)

Normally I am more than OK with it. Consistency is key and all that. I enjoy my runs / walks – I know the tracks well, the best spot to cross a busy road, the distance, and areas that are open and well lit.

I guess I just figured that for Juneathon I should try mixing it up a bit.

So in the spirit of new things, off I trotted for an organised group run with strangers. I even had my reflective stripes and (new) flashy-torch with three settings. (Did I mention it was a night run? I know, right? So adventure-y of me!)

Take that, familiar safety and routine! New paths come at me; I am in your hands.

So off we ran…


…to the park near my house. And back again.


Actually I had to laugh – I could have popped home for a drink we were that close.

But I did it, and it was also great meeting new people and being pushed to keep running when I normally would have stopped at 5k.

So adventure aside, I guess the lesson is that my usual trails are fine. I’m still running and doing other Juneathon-y stuff. I’m not terribly good at blogging about it regularly, but it is happening.

There and back again: a tale of habit.

It may not be worthy of a movie adaption; but for a wannabe (off and on again) runner, it actually isn’t so bad after all.

5 thoughts on “There and Back Again…

  1. I have started varying my daily runs from home by letting the traffic choose my route. Level crossing open? Go over it. Car in the road? Turn the corner. Road clear? Cross over. That way each run is slightly different even though all the streets are the same old same old.

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