I’ve been cheating on my Garmin

With a Fitbit.

And I’ve come to the logical, non-crazy conclusion that it knows, and has been deliberately messing up to get back at me.

I didn’t mean to start cheating, but the Fitbit just seemed so practical and helpful. I’ve been wearing it every day, and using it to track my sleep at night – reserving the Garmin for the occasional parkrun or ‘official’ events (usually anything 5km or more).

But let’s back up a bit.

Have you ever found yourself assigning a personality to inanimate objects in your home? Maybe a toy, appliance, or…um…athletic device?

No? Oh. Well this is awkward…me neither!

Haha. That would be weird.

So…please just ignore that first bit, and let’s now look at an *imaginary* scenario where a Garmin watch appears to be displaying jealousy toward a Fitbit and is being quite passive-aggressive.

Exhibit A: At parkrun a few weeks ago, the Garmin suddenly, ‘lost’ its satellite connection (on a bright, clear day, mind you) and failed to track the first 800 metres or so. Hmmm…

Exhibit B: Refusing to feed any information to its own website. No amount of coaxing worked. Consideration was given to making aeroplane noises and saying, “here comes the data!”…apparently.

Exhibit C: Only starting to charge after a ridiculous amount of re-aligning the points, and then having to freeze on the spot once it connected (reminiscent of playing ‘statues’ as a kid).

Now if you were to believe that this imaginary Garmin had been acting out, you may be convinced by the solid facts above. You may also be interested to know that only weeks earlier it had been on the shelf, gathering dust. A shiny new Fitbit had moved in, and the Garmin remained hidden away, forgotten.

Its imaginary owner may have even been reminded of Wheezy from Toy Story, and felt bad.


They may have also started wearing it again on shorter runs out of guilt.

But of course none of that actually happened, and the ‘real’ tale ends well. That is; both Garmin and Fitbit are now getting along working fine.

It was probably something to do with installing a new Garmin software update, which resolved all of the synching and recording problems.


Oh, and on a totally unrelated topic– have you seen Nessie!?

Nessie Ladle

She’s sold out at the moment, and not available for a gazillion weeks, but I’m pretty sure I’ll place an order.

Pretty sure I’ll use her.

Pretty sure I won’t feel terrible for plonking her and those precious feet into boiling hot liquid.

Poor thing…um…if you believe in that stuff.