Rules CONTROL the fun

I admit to liking structure and routine. I’ll even admit to having a fondness for planning and procedures. Don’t even get me started on lists.

Rules can be good! Helpful, even.

Which means that I sometimes have a hard time bending them.

Don’t get me wrong – I can ‘do’ spontaneous with the best of them…but preferably with advanced warning, and a bit of a ‘heads up’ on what we’re being spontaneous about.

If you don’t mind.

So…this running thing has caused a bit of conflict at times.

I can happily go with the flow on a number of things. I even enjoy it.

But ask me to run through red lights, cross the road when the little man is clearly not even green, or jog the wrong way down a one-way street, and I experience an inner eye-twitch (of sorts). My brain whispers, “rule breaker”, my eyes look around for undercover traffic cops, and my conscience just shakes its head in disappointment.

Well…maybe not exactly like that – but the point it, it’s still not a natural thing to do.

I remember my first 5km running event through the city. The streets were closed off, it was an organised run, but my law-abiding brain initially wanted to stop at every red traffic light and politely wait for zeroes of cars to pass.

I continued on, but the urge to wait was definitely there. So was the eye-twitch.

At my second event, said brain wanted me to go the ‘correct’ way around a roundabout. As in – where the traffic would go. I was in my own little world, following the ‘traffic rules’, and almost did the full loop.

All I was missing (apparently) was a set of indicators and a horn. I forgot to human.

Luckily, I spotted others just in time and followed their path (whew!).

running rules

I still prefer trail runs, or a run in the park, but when it comes to ‘bending the rules’ for a stint in the city I’m definitely getting better. Getting up at stupid o’clock also helps; barely any traffic, a few dogs and their humans, and fellow runners.

So my recent triumph?

*drum roll*

I ran through three pedestrian crossings before the lovely green ‘walk’ signal gave the OK. Without a guilty look on my face (*shifty eyes*), and without the expectation of an “Excuse me, Mam – we’d like you to come with us” being uttered from the darkness.

Granted, I probably wasn’t fully awake at the time, and no doubt running in a sleep-deprived haze.  Even my conscience gave me a free pass.

Or maybe it was still asleep (did I mention it was stupid o’clock?).

Either way – I’d say that’s progress for sure. 😉


4 thoughts on “Rules CONTROL the fun

  1. Running blogs are great for offering words of encouragement and support when it feels that noone else understands our little eccentricities….

    …not on this occasion though….

    …you’re weird! You aren’t a car, you know! 😉

    • Way to crush my dreams, NMOAR. I’ll have you know that i would make an awesome car. 😉

      But seriously – I am such a goody two shoes! Never realised how much until it came to ‘disobeying’ the rules on a city run. I need to work on that…

  2. Love it ! But even when we’re bending the rules we can still abide by them 😉 I still run to the left and overtake on the right, just like a car. Understand people, there must be structure or the whole world will spin off it’s axis!! bwhahahahaha

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