The sunrise challenge

Juneathon Day 9: Walking and sunsets

On my walk today (a quick 3k) I got to thinking about a question posed via #RunChat on Twitter: “Sunrise or sunset? Which would you rather see on your run? Why?”

My answer: Sunset.

Why? Part of the reason is that I find it’s a nice way to wind-down after a long day. Plus, they’re so pretty! And right…there. This one was just hanging around waiting for its photo to be taken last week:










iPhone out, click, done. See? Easy.

I guess if I’m being completely honest though, a bigger part of my preference is that sunset running doesn’t involve ‘rising and shining’ and being all chirpy at a time when it feels unnatural. But that’s just me.

I’m more of a night person, and therefore find running at sunrise is so, so much harder (and also – don’t they involve mountain trekking or beaches or other inspiring things?).  Plus, seeing a sunrise takes planning and warm layers and coffee drinking and…well…just getting up early in general.

And there it is: getting up early.

I know it’s easy for others, and there may be people *eye-rolling* at this (sorry), but here’s the thing:

I try, I really do, but am not your typical early-morning riser. So much so, that I have dreamt of a truck backing-up and making that beeping noise (as they do). This can last for ages, but in my dreams I’m OK with it (take your time, Mr Driver. It’s cool, reversing can be hard).

Yeah…so…that ‘beep, beep’? That’s my alarm clock.

(Turns out I can incorporate pesky noises into my dreams and just keep sleeping through. It’s a gift and a curse)

Switch to music as an alarm, you say?

Nope. Cue dreams of performing onstage, singing my heart out to whatever happens to be on the radio that morning (apparently I’m an extrovert in my dreams. Go figure).

It doesn’t always happen that way of course, but it’s often enough for me to start setting multiple alarms when I need to get up any earlier than say…6:30am. Either that, or ask ‘J’ (who’s usually already up) to come in and roll me onto the floor. And that never ends well.

So you see – the odds are against me. That’s how much I love my sleep.

But Juneathon is about mixing things up, and I’m up for the challenge:

I will see a sunrise on my run by the end of the month.

Time to see what all the fuss is about. 😉


What about you? Sunset or sunrise?



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